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EasyDRAW 3.6

EasyDRAW 3.6

EasyDRAW Publisher's Description

Summary EasyDRAW is component that have Graphics Editor Software form EasyDRAW is application or web page embeded done graphics editing solution Can develop and embody computerized publication work of data center and automated graphics editing solution of template base using Easydraw. Architecture 32 bit Component Type ActiveX(.OCX) Development Used Tool MFC V4.2 / Visual C++ V6.0 Interface Supply method of about 500 and 13 property, 7 event. Method kind is same with lower part. - Supply 12 method about Object Creation. - Supply 67 method about Text. - Supply 47 method about Object attribution. - Supply 14 method about Move and Size Objects. - Supply 27 method about Page. - Supply 35 method about Screen and Zoom. - Supply 52 method about Base Dialog. - Supply 60 method about Editing. - Supply 16 method about Object Arrange and Object Division. - Supply 45 method about Base Function. - Supply 23 method about Image. - Supply 42 method about Table Object. - Supply 21 method about Document. - Supply 7 method about Print. - Supply 12 method about Layer. - Supply 14 method about Tag. - Supply 1 method about Server Font. - Supply 8 method about Object PathFinder. - IME Char processing in Window OS that support 2 byte languages. - Supply 2 method about XML. - Supply 4 method about FTP Server. - Supply 1 method about document protection. Publish Ability - Edit Undo, Copy, Cut, Paste, Paste Original Position, Select All Text Object, Select All Text Shapes, Select All Image Object, Select All Table Object, Find, Replace Text, ReFind, left 90 degree turning, right 90 degree turning, Right and left substitute, Top and bottom substitute , Selected Object Locking, Whole unlock, Whole lock, Object to first, Object to last, object first, object last, shadow, multi copy, object bookmark, Position in horizontal/vertical center of screen, text overwrite/unoverwrite, groupping/ungroupping/all ungroupping - Page master page, page addition, page delete, Page transfer, page move, To put picture in page, margine, landscape page, To put color in page, On single document by page each other page size appointment - Screen Zoom in/zoom out, In paper street width/height/size screen magnification setting, antialiasing, Guide line to appear / to hide, Lattice to appear / to hide, ruler bar to appear / to hide, page margine to appear / to hide, Whole screen locking/unlocking, To quicken the letter appeared speed, To quicken the picture appeared speed - Document open, save, import(eps, ps, ai, wmf, xmf), export(bmp, jpg, xmf, ps, wmf), revert, Itself clip art file format support(xmf format), xml file load/save -Print default printer, After printing dialog box shows, printing, Printing basis set value appointment, To show print area / to hide - Color RGB, HSB, CMYK color support, 100 basis color, User-defined color support, Conversion between RGB, CMYK - Tool selection, direct selection, line, arrow, free line, pen, Node addition, node delete, Node connection, Node separation, Node transformation (curved line in straight line, straight line in curved line), erase, cut, spoide, brush, ellipse, rectangle, Scrolling hand, table, Between writing individual to flow letter summer period, image area, image, text - Basis dialog box layer, path, rotate, multi copy, find, replace text, symbol, hanja, Sorting and division, text, image, fill, tool, style and shape, line, page and screen, shadow, table, image load, image brightness, image contrast, image brightness/contrast, Lattice, auto symbol, Shortening string registration, tab, line color, fill color, color, page to move, Page transfer, Page setup, Document open/save, import/export - Server ftp file open/save, ftp file import/export, Server font and synchronization - Object Alteration in figure, Alteration by picture, To show each object, To lock each individual, To print each individual, moving, sizing, scaling , move at current position, gradation, rotate, twist, To fill in figure that open, tag, transparency, round value in rectangle, shadow, Transfer to screen central - Text Path Text, Title Text, Text, That character skip object, To write in object support, font name, font size, bold, italic, strikeout, underline, color, outline, shadow, Letter width, Letter height, line space, Aligns text to the left/right/top/bottom/center/vcenter, paragraph space, Paragraph division/merge, Indentation, english base line, character space, word space, control that char base line, outline character, color block character, block character, link text, tag, word lap, unlink text, Text object to table object conversion - Image Resolution look/setting, gray, brightness, contrast, blur, sharpen, scale, White by transparency, gradation, Appointed area cut, Appointed area in figure alteration, About identical picture single memory use, About identical picture at document storage one storage space occupancy, revert, To size originally, In picture memory developer code apart appointment possibility - Layer 100 layer support per page, Addition, delete, Layer to appear / to hide, To print / that do not print, lock/unlock support Name appointment per layer, object layer name appointment - Table Column and Row division, Column and Row delete, Width and length frame line drawing / to hide, Width and length line drawing / to hide, Cell calculation (to calculate and average and multiply), Letter sorting on cell, Cell selection, Cell color, Cell size automatic scaling, Width size/length size equally, col/row size appointment, Cell selection, Whole cell selection, Cell color appointment - Object Sorting and division Sorting among width, Sorting among length, Left order, Right order, Upper order, Down order, Width size/length size equally, Paper edge, Paper center, top/center length/bottom, left/center width/right position by standard division - Line Width, Kind, Endcap, Join, Null line, Arrow size/shape - Etc.. Itself clipart 80 supports, Automatic shortening sentence, Hanja individuation input and word posting, symbol, snap Calculation string support at individual transfer and size adjustment, To paint series, clipping/unclipping(8 support that do object path) Use Environment Window NT/2000/XP Pentium disaster caused by tigers CPU more than 500MHz(Encourage Pentium disaster caused by tigers CPU more than 800MHz) Memory more than smallest 128 MB(Encouragement item : More than 192 MB) HDD more than smallest 650 MB

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